I generally love rainstorms. I happen to live with two dogs and a cat who are NOT fond of such natural drum solos, but they cuddle with me under blankets and somehow survive. I just enjoy the sound of the rain on the windows and the light show that comes with it. I’ve always enjoyed following the path of a raindrop as it travels down the window- sometimes they join others, then diverge to go their own way again, always leaving a silvery path for other drops to follow.

_MG_3728 (Medium)

I’m looking forward to the next storm. My husband and I are looking for a house to call our own in this big city we now live in (and buying a home here has been a more frustrating journey than we thought possible!). When we do find our tiny haven, I’m hoping that there is a nice spot outside where I can sit and watch the rain with a book in one hand, hot tea in the other, and cute doggies curled up at my feet. We shall see!

_MG_3722 (Medium)



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