Taking self portraits is not my #1 photographic occupation- I never get the focus right, I always move, yadayadayada. However, I recently purchased a skirt from Anthropologie that I ADORE and, well… it swirls.

_MG_4371-Edit (Large)

I’ve been obsessed with this skirt for a while (I even mentioned it here), though I was originally enamored of the green variety. However, I test drove both skirts (for sizing purposes) and just kept thinking about the pink.

Which was a problem.

I’ve been anti-pink for over a decade. For several years as a wee child, I did adore the color (and convinced my parents to paint my room pink), but soon adolescence hit and I reversed my opinion. It didn’t help that I found a few shades of pink turned my face into an orange if held in close proximity to me. As I matured, I also associated pink with the sickening ‘princess ideal’ that people keep forcing on little girls, and I wanted no part of it.

_MG_4363 (Large)

Hi! This is me!

But I liked the skirt. And after careful consultation with my bestie and a few other folks, I determined that it was pretty asinine to NOT buy the skirt simply because I claimed not to like the color. You know, since I apparently DO like the color, at least on this skirt.

So, long story short, I have a pink skirt. It swirls. And I smile.

_MG_4386 (Large)

Me again!


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