One day

Saturday was a lazy day. I had big plans, but after spending 5 hours in the ER on Friday (with a final diagnosis of ‘meh?’), I decided to be useless. Though I did finish the laundry.

Rather than totally waste the day, I thought I’d try a ‘Day in the Life’ project- one photo {or more} per hour for 12 hours. My life may not be a roller coaster of crazy, but still sounds like fun!


8am (Medium)

Mom. Food. Now.

My friendly alarm clocks woke me up in time for breakfast. As if I would forget.


The husband was gone for the weekend, so I had to make my own latte. It was tasty, but not exactly art.

_MG_5190 edit (Medium)

The machine has skills.

9am (Medium)

I do not.


10am (Medium)

Close the door- I’m sleeping!

I couldn’t find Pepsi, but a brief inspection showed her nestled in some clothing on my closet floor. I wasn’t allowed to clean. Oh darn.


_MG_5239 edit (Medium)


I went for a walk, with no intention of spending money. But then a bookstore jumped in my way and I was forced to purchase a book to get out. It was horrible {not}.


_MG_5241 edit (Medium)

‘Ello there!

I always expect a pink stuffed horse to be standing on the corner! I guess that’s the big city for you… Or just weird folks.


1pm (Medium)

Past Curfew

Coming back in from my walk, I was greeted with condemnation by my feline overlord. She was NOT pleased with my choice to abandon her. Who was supposed to pet her??


_MG_5244 edit (Medium)

Life is Hard

Chowder nearly died as a result of my abandonment. Life is very rough for a vicious little pup.


In honor of the truth, I got caught up watching Doctor Who and totally missed 3pm. Oh well!


4pm (Medium)

Hi! Hi! HHHIIIII!!!!!

I ended up watching a TON of Doctor Who {btw- if you haven’t watched that show, then you should. If you think it isn’t a good show, you are wrong. Kthnxbai}. However, I did stop the show for a moment to catch Pickle smiling. He smiles most of the time, but who can get tired of looking at that grin?


_MG_5256 edit (Medium)

Old books are fab.

I don’t own many old books. New one are usually cheaper and, to be fair, easier to read. Old writing styles, bad translations, different dialects… well, I just often don’t enjoy them. However, this one details Marco Polo’s journeys (adapted from his journals), and I think I’ll go forth and enjoy!


_MG_5261 edit (Medium)

Hiya Shadow Me!

Yup- I’m a nerd.


_MG_5274 edit (Medium)


It was time to furminate the creatures. I have horrible allergies to almost everything, but most especially horses, cats and dogs (very convenient, indeed). To keep things in check, we furminate the inside dudes once a week and that has markedly reduced my allergic response! I strongly recommend getting one if you have pets- not only does it help human allergies, but it keeps the dudes more comfy since it removes a lot of loose hair from the undercoat!


_MG_5295 edit (Medium)

Beautiful. Colorful. Proud.

Today was the Houston Pride Parade. I didn’t spend much time at the festivities (best experienced with a group of friends, and all of mine are elsewhere right now!), but I did capture this shot of a fantabulous roller derby gal.


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