Pony Life

I love city life, but one unfortunate side effect of city life is that the country is quite far out. It takes about 40 minutes to get from the apartment to the horse barn now.

At least I get to listen to music! Current obsessions found here and here.

Back to the equids.

_MG_5435 edit (Medium)

Lyric lives out in a pasture with a bunch of other horses. Lyric loves people, but the rest of the horses are rescues, so while Lyric stands and asks for pets, they run away. More for him, I guess!

_MG_5452 edit (Medium)Yup, he loves to snorf for treats. That is pretty much all he needs now- Lyric has severe stringhalt (motor function issues). A video makes it easier to understand, so I present to you- Lyric and I from 5 years ago.

Despite the strange walk, he manages to get around quite well, and it hasn’t affected his outlook on life.

_MG_5455 edit (Medium)

This is his begging face. Yeah, as long as he has treats and attention, he does pretty well.

_MG_5460 edit (Medium)

And once he gets the treats he deserves, off he goes again to the herd. He is a very herd bound beastie. Walking him away from the herd always elicits a number of whinnies and calls to his buddies, just to make sure they won’t leave him for good. Silly boy.

_MG_5473 edit (Medium)

So noble, as he runs off into the sunlight. When he gallops, he almost moves with a normal gait.

_MG_5472 edit (Medium)

I love seeing him move like that, but its bittersweet as well- I wish I could fix the problem, but they don’t know exactly what causes stringhalt. I can just keep giving him treats and making his pony life a bit sweeter.



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