Really summer?

Here in Houston, it has been oppressively humid and hot for over a month, and I’ve kept thinking “And it isn’t even summer yet”… but it really is now. It has been summer for a long time, and I just haven’t admitted that to myself.

Well foolish denials no more! It is summer! Time for swimming parties! Picnics! Sangria by the gallon!

Wait, maybe just by the cup- I don’t think a gallon of sangria will do anyone any good.

In any case, I’ve been obsessing over some fun summery items. To be totally honest, I keep finding stuff posted on A Cup of Jo that make me believe I have been mistreating summer by not giving her my undivided attention up til now. I hope she’ll forgive me. {Summer is, apparently, female. Deal with it.}

This French picnic food is my newest obsession. Want. Daily.

And I need one of these to take along on the picnic above.

My new favorite cocktail can come too.

I’ll wear this while we eat.

Oooo! And these!!

And arrive on this baby.

With a summer soundtrack playing from here.

Huzzah! My plans for next weekend are complete! Now I just have to go. buy. everything.



Flower from last summer. Must find something like this again…



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