Finding Me

I’ve blogged before- for years, in fact. But as life often does, I hit a bump, swerved away, and just kinda… lost the inspiration.

Finding the light... and, fortunately, the trail.

Finding the light… and, fortunately, the trail.

Then my husband and I went on vacation. It is almost impossible to remain uninspired when you turn around and find this kind of beauty.

Hard to believe this is real.

Hard to believe this is real.

This trip was to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. I experienced camping for the first time (cold), climbed my first 13K foot peak (tired), and hiked much further than I ever had before (go go leg muscles). It was beautiful, breathtaking and all-together dreamy.

the Loch

The experience has kicked me back into a creative mindset, which means that not only am I interested in photographing all the things (yes, all of them), but that I’ve been reinvigorated to decorate our small apartment, organize my life and refocus on the pursuit of happiness (always important).

So that is what this blog will focus on- finding happiness. There will be tidbits on photography, pets, food, travel, interior decorating, and any other shiny bright thing that catches my eye. Welcome!


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