Worthwhile things

I use public transport to get back & forth from work. In part this is a cost saving measure (only one car in the household, less gas, no parking fee, etc), but mostly its because I hate driving in Houston. The people. The roads. The people. The traffic. THE PEOPLE. Yup, definitely not a fan. Unfortunately the public transit system in Houston is far from advanced- there are often unexplained delays, or periodically the rush hour train shows up with only one car (which we all insist on packing into- we are VIP after all).

Case in point- yesterday the train was delayed for a few minutes. No notice- I just waited beyond the normal 6 minute interval for the train. So I was sitting there getting pissed off about waiting 10 minutes for a train, feeling annoyed by the dude 10 feet away blowing his nasty cigarette air into my general oxygen supply and the lady with excessive perfume next to me, then I started laughing.

Spending 10 minutes staring at nothing that morning was a huge imposition, but on Monday I spent 20 minutes watching my dogs sniff each others butts and that? Totally fabulous.

Noble doge is noble.

Noble dog is noble.

Just chillin'

Just chillin’

You should chill out too. Smile damn it!

You should chill out too. Smile damn it!

I guess it all depends on what you find worthwhile.

*note* For some reason only Pickle was feeling photogenic. Chowder hid behind a bench every time the camera turned his way. Perhaps he doesn’t appreciate my art. Every dog’s a critic.


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